Reversible Table Tops

Hot Deal

Look no further then our reversible table tops for an affordable, versatile option for your bar or restaurant. Want to experiment with interior design and ambiance with less financial risk? We have you covered. Order one table top, and try out two different looks without incurring any additional cost. Experience the effect first hand, before you decide which finish will ultimately greet your guests.

Our high-quality, low-priced reversible table tops are available in two finish options:

• Oak and Walnut
• Black and Dark Mahogany

The lighter finishes create a more open, airy atmosphere, while the dark finishes produce a more sleek effect. No matter which finish meets your design goals, you can feel confident that you are getting a quality, commercial grade table top at a competitive price.Each of our finish options come in three shapes: round, square, or rectangular. The shape of a table encourages congregating or mingling. It creates intimacy or sets the stage for a more rowdy crowd.

Choose a table shape that lends itself to the kind of environment you hope to achieve. Each table shape is available in various prices and sizes. Our affordable prices allow you the freedom to choose the size, shape, and finish of your table top without compromising your budgetary and design needs. Low prices on our reversible table tops don’t mean that we have compromised on quality. Each laminated table top comes lined with a high quality extruded rubber T-molding edge that prevents chipping and peeling.

At only 1” thick, these table tops will not visually weigh down a room. In addition to the design versatility that these reversible tops offer, they are more lightweight than other table tops. This works to your advantage when tables must be moved to reconfigure the space for a redesign or a special event. Our table tops are sold separately from the table bases. This allows even more flexibility in choosing a style that works for your bar or restaurant.  To streamline the process of matching a table top to a base, we have provided a Table Top/Base Size Recommendation page.