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2-Piece Table Bases

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No matter which of our high-quality, commercial grade table tops you choose, we stock a variety of 2-piece table bases to complement your selection. Our large and affordable inventory of table tops and table bases allow you to create the perfect tables to contribute to the unique style of your restaurant or bar without blowing your budget.In the search for the ideal table base, visual appeal and durability must be considered. That’s why we proudly offer powder coated, cast iron 2-piece table bases.

The creation of these table bases begins with cast iron, known for its strength and resistance to wear. A powder coating applied to the cast iron makes the surface more durable than a simple coat of paint. The powder coating resists scratches, nicks, and general wear and tear. Powder coating the cast iron produces a table base in classic black that complements all table top finishes.

Our 2-piece table bases come in 28'' table height and 40'' bar height. As you visualize the desired ambiance for your restaurant or bar, consider whether your look requires varied or uniform table heights. Every detail matters. Our table height selection allows you to choose table heights that contribute to the atmosphere that you strive to create.

With our reasonable prices on 2-piece table bases, we match durability with affordability. No matter what your budget, we have a table base that will work for your restaurant or bar. Our wide selection means that you don’t have to compromise your budget or your design. Our table bases require some quick and easy assembly. A few simple steps to create the table base and then secure the base to the selected table top are all that stand between you and the perfect table for your space.

Our bases are also outfitted with adjustable nickel plated glides to protect your floor from scratches and scuffs.We take the guesswork out of table top and base pairings with our Table Top/Table Base Recommendation page. Ensure that you have the appropriate base for a secure and stable fit by following our recommendations.