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The best way to make your bar or high-top table stand out is by selecting the perfect swivel bar stool. These stools come in many shapes and styles and can change even the most basic table from looking standard and boring to elegant and classy or fun and inviting, depending on the look you are going for.Because of differences in style, height, and weight, A1 Restaurant Furniture offers a large selection so there is sure to be the perfect swivel bar stool to meet everyone’s needs.

The majority of our stools come in different colors as well as offering different seat color options in addition to your bar stool frame color choices. This ensures everything will look perfect in your restaurant, whether you are looking for black, brown, or gray seating.Many of our stools offer different seating options in addition to the different color options.

You can standardize your look or mix and match for a different feel by choosing from a saddle seat, a veneer seat or upholstered fabric.Beyond color, the back of your stool helps set the mood of your restaurant or bar as well. With many different styles available in the color of your choice, we offer something that works in every situation.Because not all tables and bars are created equal, two things to consider when choosing your perfect swivel bar stool are height and depth.

Although most of our styles are offered in the standard 44 inches high, we do have options that range up to 46 inches tall. We offer price points to fit every budget, depending on the style you choose. While many stools come assembled, some of the styles do require simple assembly upon delivery. This is noted on each individual stool product.

Restaurant Chairs, Commercial Bar Stools, Swivel Bar Stools

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