Veneer Metal Restaurant Chairs

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How to Choose Veneer Metal Restaurant Chairs?

With so many styles to select from, choosing your metal and wood dining chairs should be a fun and easy process. Starting with our Grey Frame, Star Back Metal Chair, we offer two distinct styles to choose from—a mahogany back or a walnut back.

Once you’ve decided on your back style you can choose from a veneer seat, a vinyl seat, or a wood seat in a variety of colors. Our Grey Frame, Three Slats and Grey Frame, and Five Slats Metal Chairs are offered with your choice of a cherry back, a DM back, a GD back (Three Slat model only), and a walnut back.

All of these styles come with your choice of veneer, vinyl, or wood seats. The Grey Frame, Circle Back Metal Chair offers back styles in both DM and Walnut, while the Grey Frame, Wavy Slot Back Metal Chair offers only the DM back. Both styles have the standard seat choices of veneer, vinyl, or wood in your choice of color. With a popular look, the Grey Frame, Lattice Back Metal Chair offers three seat choices as well as a variety of back options. Choose from a cherry back, a DM back, a natural back, or a walnut back to suit your look best. Although the grey frame is among the most popular, these restaurant chairs are also offered in other frame colors with the same backing and seating options as stated above. With interchangeable frames, these chairs are completely customizable.

You can choose the same metal restaurant chairs for a more standardized look or mix and match colors and patterns for a more contemporary and fun look. Whatever style your restaurant looks to serve, we have the perfect chair for you. All chairs including veneer metal restaurant chairs offer a standard seating height of 17 inches and a weight of 19 pounds. Simple assembly is required upon delivery. Prices vary depending on the frame, back, and seat you choose. 

Ladder Back Restaurant Chairs, Veneer Restaurant Chairs

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