Restaurant High Chairs

Restaurant Chairs For Sale, High Restaurant Chairs

Enjoying a nice evening out will be a breeze for parents with A1 Restaurant Furniture's high-quality restaurant high chairs. These wooden high chairs have the ability be pulled right up to the table, which gives the little kids the independence they like while maintaining all of the safety standards important to their parents.

These high chairs can accommodate any child who can independently sit up. Because they can so easily be pulled up to the table, they are perfect for even the older toddler who is not quite ready for, or doesn’t prefer, the booster seat.These chairs are ultra-durable and sturdy. There is no need for restaurant owners or parents to fear that a child will tip them over during standard use because of its wide base.

Offered in three different colors, a dark mahogany, natural wood, or walnut, this commercial-grade, restaurant high chair offers easy cleanup to help with even the messiest little eaters.The restaurant high chair is perfectly compatible with the ever-popular high chair covers many parents bring with them for their children to use for sanitary reasons. Although they are popular and festive, they are unnecessary as these high chairs are easy to sanitize with a quick wipe down and will be ready for the next set of food-filled hands to fill.This restaurant high chair comes in a standard weight of 14 pounds and a very reasonable price tag.

We recommend that every restaurant has at least a handful of these on hand to accommodate its little patrons. For simple storage solutions, these high chairs can be stacked so they don’t take up a lot of precious room in your back room or chair storage area.

Restaurant Chairs For Sale, High Restaurant Chairs